Journal of Historical Studies

Department of History & Civilization Studies
Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan

ISSN - 2414-8563


Volume 8, No.I, Jan-Jun 2022

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Research Papers
1 Darbar, Music and Military: British Pride and Grandeur in Nineteenth-Century Exhibition Ceremonies
Hussain Ahmad Khan
2 Party politics within political alliance: Case study of Jaamiat-i-Ulema-i-Pakistan’s political role in United Democratic Front (1973-76)
Dr. Zahid Ahmed & Dr. Syed Akmal Hussain Shah
3 British Policy of co-option to Sajjada nashins and Pirs in Western Punjab: A Case Study of Dera Ghazi Khan District
Dr. Muhammad Fiaz Anwar
4 Factionalism in Punjab Muslim League (1947-55): Review of Political Coherence to Incoherence in Pakistan
Muhammad Sohail Yousaf & Dr. Mahboob Hussain
5 Universal vs Particular Socio-Cultural Episteme(s): Addressing the Women Rights Conundrum in Pakistan
Dr. Rafida Nawaz, Syed Hussain Murtaza & Syeda Raman Hassan
6 Conquest of Mecca: A Case Study of Kindness and Forgiveness
Kishwar Sultana & Riaz Ahmad
7 Economic Basis of Baloch Grievances in Balochistan
Muhammad Hassan & Amir Jan
8 Historical Review of Cultural Assortment; Influence of Non-native Cultures on Pakistani Youth
Mehak & Muhammad Sajid Khan
9 Restructuring the Federating Units in Pakistan: (A Case Study of Punjab)
Kashif Sohail, Muhammad Imran Pasha, Kanwar Muhammad Yasir Furqan & Ali Qamar Sheikh
10 New Challenges for Pakistan’s War Against Terrorism in the Cyber Space Era
Mohsin Raza, Rao Imran Habib & Naureen Akhtar
11 Historicizing Presentism: Hindutva and Indian Version of Feminism in the Film, “Panipat: The Great Betrayal.”
Muqaddasa Malik &Fouzia Farooq Ahmed
12 The Twilight War: A Case of US-Iran Conflict
Farooq Arshad & Muhammad Shamshad
13 The Communal Award Impact and Implication: Sikh prospective
Samina Bashir & Muhammad Iqbal Chawla